From pictures to webpage

After having tested a lot of solutions, I've choosen this one for my private pictures. It's basic, but nice and easy to use. Both to publish pictures and to see them.

Tools needed

All these tools are free and run under windows. I have tested then with XP.

  1. A tool to resize pictures and add borders - my choice : Multiple Image Resizer .NET
  2. A tool to rename the files - my choice : The Rename
  3. A tool to create webpages - my choice : Dynamic Flash Gallery (GFD)

Resizing and adding borders

  • Best is to save a profile (file extension mirp). In my profile, I have 3 processing options : resize, border and add text.
  • Resizing method is scale to witdh with 699 pixels
  • Border size is 16 pixels (top, bottom, left, right) each. The selected color has a linear gradient style with a 45 degree angle.
  • The text (...) has a position with offset, a left alignment, horizontal orientation, 0% transparency. The position is in the lower right corner, with 2 pixels X offset et 2 Y offset.

I just select my images and go... !


I will rename the pictures with the date and the time the pictures have been taken. This allows me to mix pictures taken with various cameras.

The last version od The Remane is dated February 2004. This software may or not run with an operating system higher then XP.

Again, I have here a personal settings file (file extension ren).

  • Open a diretory containing your pictures and click on one of them
  • In RENAME RULES, choose RENAME PREFIX, then IMAGES, and then TAGS.
  • Under Exif you should have %DateTime%

You can preview the changes befor running them : always nice !


GFD is a free customizable Dynamic Flash Gallery. The first time, you need to download the zip, unzip it, change some parameters if you like, and upload all the files on the webserver that will host your website.

After, each time you like to publish some new pictures, go (using FTP) on your website, looking for galeries diretory and create a main directory or sub directories. Take care that the 2 first characters of the name will determine an order - and upload your pictures in that new (sub) diretory. Everything else is done by the gallery itself.

And that's it