Looking to pictures while listening music is always nicer !

I use to get music on jamendo. On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited. Just download and listen to over 20,000 albums, legally. All content is Creative Commons or "Art Libre" licensed. So most of the time, this music can be used as soundtrack as I always attribute the work to its original author, I do not use it for commercial purposes, I do not alter or transform the work and I share my Pic-Clips also with a Creative Commons licence.

The next step is to choose the right music... I have to say that this always takes me a lot of time. As I always have a certain idea of the time lenght of my video, I was looking for a tool helping me to sort mp3 (stored on my hard disk) by time and by music styles.

In fact, I will use here not one soft but a combination of 2. Let's assume that mp3 are stored on the hard disk, in a directory called "music" and subdirectories "1", "2", ... What I xant is to catalog all the mp3 stored in the directory "music", inclusing all subdiretories.

Jaangle, freeware, will a great part of the job : I can build a collection of the my mp3, see them by artist and album, see the titles within the album and also CD cover, artist picture and biography, lyrics... The only missing thing is that I did not find out where in Jaangle I could build automatically a playlist with all the mp3.

So I decided to use another software for building this playlist, sorted by time and in a m3u format, and then to open it in Jaangle. A software that would create this playlist only by drag und drop of the main folder. In fact, several freewares can do that very easely. My mp3 default player for instance (VUPlayer) can do that? Any version of VLC can also do that. After having loaded the playlist, you will then be able to switch alfo from mp3 in your playlist, tracks of the CD, other CD from the same artist, ...

Just don't forget when adding new mp3 in your diretory to update your collection within Jaangle. Playlist (sorry for that) have to be recreated and reloaded into Jaangle.