Help me find my photos !

It's nice to have a lot of pictures on your hard disk, it's also nice to have rename part of them, but how is it possible to fing rapidly the one you're looking for ?

EXIF Image Viewer

I have tried a certain number of softwares, including Image Query (nice, a bit long and with some bugs), Exif Harvester (did not really worked, sorry) and AmoK Exif Sorter. But the tool I like best is EXIF Image Viewer. There is also a pro version (ie. no more free) of this soft, but the basic one is enought for me. The software can be downloaded here :

Just BROWSE your directory (using CTRL+O) in the software, wait a few seconds (or minutes, depending of the number of your pictures), and here they are all. You can then sort on whatever EXIF firld you like, and on double click on a line, you can see in a nice full screen browser your photo. There is also a way to copy your photo in another directory...

EXIF viewer can also provide detailed information about photos (shutter speed, aperture, etc.) or display image histogram.

By the way, the soft is in a zip and to use it, just unzip the program where you want. No installation needed. Really a tool nice to have.